About Us

About Plutomen

We charter the roads less traveled!

As the business environment gets competitive, new innovations and inventions create new opportunities. For the advanced approaches, strategies, and prospects it is vital to capture these opportunities.

Transforming your decisions into sustainable achievements!

As a team of young, creative, and earnest individuals, we are determined to redefine traditions. Bringing together best of the talent, Plutomen encourages a highly collaborative and non-hierarchical culture.

Our Purpose & Passion Define Us!

Challenging conventions –not just on paper- to find resolutions that give results, Plutomen believes in rolling up their sleeves to get the job done.

Bringing in strong focus and passion against your problems we help you build a scalable, agile, and successful business. A unique combination of technocrats and consultants at Plutomen help you serve effectively and efficiently.

Starting from building ideas to translating these ideas into long term growth through expert execution, Plutomen delivers digital transformation and technology services enabling you to outclass your competition. An agile and collaborative approach aids us to design customized mobile and web applications, interactive designs, augmented reality and virtual reality solutions, and animated solutions for you.

Our expertise and infrastructure helps you optimize IT into your strategic asset. From accelerating revenue growth to reinventing businesses, we help you get there.

We achieve results by fitting great ideas with leading technology and right people. With experts and not executives, we believe in going that extra mile to deliver the best.

New Never Ends

Darwin’s Theory says “It is not the strongest of the species that survives nor the most intelligent ones survive. It is those who are the most adaptable to the change, who survive”

This world has evolved through centuries. Our quest to finding new answers has been the greatest catalyst for this change. This ability and aptitude to think creatively has brought us to this ‘Information Age’.

What was the world until someone invented the wheel or discovered fire and gravity or created electricity or until smartphones and social media took over our life?

But why?

Just because someone did not stop searching for answers!

Someone did not believe that it ends here!

Because someone did not sit down and say maybe this is it!

Because someone out there believed



To form a team of highly talented, creative, and motivated individuals working in a culture of growth, enthusiasm, and profitability to deliver high-quality technology solutions and services.


Our mission is to become one of the top 10 technology companies in the world by year 2023.