2D Animation

Humanize Your Brand with beautifully crafted messages
It is said, more than idea, execution is important. With an eye for storytelling and focus on the bottom lines, we aim to influence the buying decisions.

Whether you define success by sales, conversion, clicks, brand engagement, or any other metric, Plutomen believes in working tirelessly to achieve your goals.

Plutomen Technologies understands your struggle to communicate your brand story. A weak story can cause businesses to crash. A simple yet gripping story is what makes the difference and gives your customers a compelling reason to buy.

We take the time and efforts to understand you and your brand, to identify the story behind your brand; the story that defines you. By learning about your expertise and knowledge, we help you build your identity.

Plutomen Technologies creates unique animated videos in order to explain your concepts, services, products, and causes. From spending quality time on your videos to hand-crafting each video with details and passion, we make 2D explainer videos as per your branding guidelines and target audience.

We help you speak, communicate, and gain visibility through our service of:


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